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I'm Speaking

"Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking."

Regardless of political leanings, Kamala reclaiming her time to speak resonated with women in a big way. We have all been there. Constant interruptions with the knowledge that if you are too forceful in how you address the interruption, you will be labeled as abrasive, difficult, too emotional, etc.

I can feel a shift happening though, and it's a shift within women more than anything. Every day I am seeing women shed the fear of using their voice and speaking up. There has definitely been progress with the awareness of the implicit bias that affects women in the workplace, but more importantly I see that women are done caring how people perceive them. After all, playing the game and avoiding the dreaded consequence of bothering anyone hasn't always worked out so well.

And it's not just in the workplace. We don't care if you wonder why we don't have children. We don't care if you think we are single because we are too difficult. We don't care if you label us as a bitch for setting boundaries. We don't care if you think we aren't "professional enough" because we also like to have fun and show up as our authentic selves. I could go on, but the point here is this. We don't care what you think.

Despite the huge dumpster fire happening around us, I am hopeful. I love seeing women take charge of their lives and be the women they want to be, rather than the ones they are expected to be. Call us nasty women, we don't care.

We've got something to say.

I'm speaking.

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