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If you don't say it out loud, it doesn't count.

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Yesterday was Women's Equality Day, and for me it was a day to celebrate. I have been working my tail off to get out some materials for upcoming events that are built around the concept of bringing more diversity, equity, and inclusion to veterinary leadership. Deadlines were met. Goals were achieved. Unfortunately, there was one BIG problem. Privilege.

In my excitement for celebrating the day and sharing some exciting opportunities with the community, I neglected to call out that August 26,1920 was only a victory for white women. It wasn't until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that the right to vote was secured for black women and men. Furthermore, the voting rights of many marginalized communities are still under attack today. I am fully aware of all of this and recently have volunteered for campaigns with When We All Vote, but none of that kept me from being caught up in the excitement of the day and seeing things through my white privilege colored glasses.

I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. No matter how much you strive every day for positive change in this world, you can still let privilege cloud your view of things and fail to say the whole story out loud and be an advocate for all.

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